Welcome to the eTutor Project WebSite

This WebSite contains information and working documents for the eTutor project that is being funded under the Next Generation Technologies and Practices strand of the JISC Capital Programme: Users and Innovation.


The eTutor project will explore the potential to develop and deliver education and training on-line using ubiquitous technologies, social networking and open source software, and freely available on-line resources.


It will do this through the re-development and piloting of two work-based skills modules originally produced for the Wales e-Training Network CertHE/Foundation Degree in e-Commerce. These modules were delivered as part of the CertHE during 2007 but are adaptable for use in other similar HE programmes and as stand alone skills development modules. The new versions of the modules will be created using learning resources already freely available on the Internet and will be delivered using a mix of Web 2.0 services and social networking software to create the on-line learning environment.


The modules will be designed to meet the academic quality standards necessary for validation as a components of Degree level programmes and will be subject to all normal university quality processes and procedures.


The broad aim of the eTutor project is to:


Explore the possibility of creating an effective on-line learning environment from currently available Web 2.0 services and social networking software, and to use this environment to deliver quality assured learning modules using existing on-line content and resources sourced globally.
The project objectives are to:


The eTutor project was funded by    as part of the Users and Innovation Programme