Evaluation and Reporting

This page contains links to all the Evaluation and Reporting documents for the eTutor project



1. Word Processing Module Evaluation report and associated files.


The first pilot of the Word Processing module took place between 13th October and 7th November 2008.

The Evaluation Report was completed on 7th December 2008.


Module Evaluation Report - WP.doc 


WP pilot feedback - barriers.doc 

WP pilot feedback - discovery learning.doc

WP pilot feedback - search engine effectiveness.doc

WP pilot feedback - learning environment effectiveness.doc



2. Personal Computing and Internet Technology Module Evaluation report


The second pilot of the Internet Technology module took place between 17th November 2008 and 15th December 2008. The third pilot of Blended and Discovery Learning took place from mid February 2009 to 4th March 2009. The evaluation report was completed on March 12th 2009.




3. eTutor Project Final Report.


The Final Reports for the eTutor Project are downloadable from here


eTutor Final Report.doc

eTutor Completion Report.doc