Draft ICT Modules

This page presents the emerging draft versions of the eTutor ICT Modules. This is still work in progress and will be regularly upated. A number of models will be included representing variations in the technical approach to harvesting global learning resources.



 ICT Module 1: this version uses a Google CSE that is dynamically optimisable using Google Marker. When users identify an effective resource website for a particular topic, they can add it to the CSE annotations list of preferred URLs by clicking on Google Marker in the Links toolbar.



 ICT Module 2: this version takes the concept map of version 1 and embeds it in a 'Wetpaint' Wiki that is being used as the Web 2.0 portal for learners. This is an early draft that will be progressively refined. Currently it includes a couple of introductory pages together with the concept map and a description of the tasks. Shortly it will be populated with communications functions and other features in preparation for a pilot phase with a selected learner group.


The Wetpaint Wiki is entitled 'e-College' can be viewed here.